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19-01-2011, 02:34 AM
In another thread I came across a reference to the following link:-


The wiki entry has a photo caption ". Note the spark arrester over the chimney for operation amongst flammable goods in sidings near Liverpool Docks"

This is not entirely the case. The "disc on a stick" was fitted not as a spark arrester so much as a device to deflect blast from the chimney. The pugs working Liverpool docks ran underneath the Liverpool Overhead Railway. It was believed that the blast from the exhaust was damaging the decking upon which the track for the LOR was laid. A search of tinterweb will reveal other ex-L&Y pugs working a goods yard in Salford with no "disc on a stick" fitted but the locos were just as likely to be working amongst flammable goods.

All the pugs allocated to Bank Hall MPD were fitted with the deflector as were some other shunting classes used at Liverpool's Docks.
Have a look at some other tinterweb photos and you will find a pug hauling goods along the Goree/Strand behind the Liver buildings under the protection of a flagman.

Also look at Hawkins and Reeve's LMS Engine Sheds (Lancashire and Yorkshire railway) (ISBN 0 906867 07 X) There is an excellent photo from the H C Casserley collection of a group of Pugs with their "jaunty" arresters/deflectors.

The pugs were replaced by Yorkshire 0-4-0 diesels (class 02) in the early 1960s. DJH do a very easy to construct kit of the 02 shunter as a starter kit.

19-01-2011, 03:42 AM
So just before the sky falls upon my head and I am overwhelmed with contrary views:-

I have trawled about tinterweb and just about every web ref to the L&Y pugs based at Liverpool I have seen, refer to the device as a spark arrester.

To amplify my view:- the pugs at Goole, Salford, and elswhere, did they have the "disc on a stick"? No. Did the Bank Hall pugs and some shunter types from Aintree have them? Yes. So what is the difference? Other warehouse areas and docks handled inflamable goods. So what did Liverpool have that the other locations did not? The Liverpool Overhead Railway.Quod Erat Demonstrandum, It was a blast deflector.

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