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26-04-2013, 12:47 PM
hi all, has anyone ever had this problem. a while ago i bought a class66 n gauge GBrf loco from gaugmaster. when it was delivered i noticed one of the couplings was bent to one side and would not connect with any other coupling so i contacted gaugemaster and asked them what to do, they said to send it back so they could see if they could sort it out. so to save on postage i just sent the offending bogie. after a week or so i phoned them about it they said they couldn't do anything for it as it would invalidate the warranty. i asked them to replace the whole thing, they said that because farish had changed something on it, it was in affect now an old stock model so after some thought i decided that id have a go at replacing the coupling and would they send the bogie back. to my amazement and shock they said they couldn't or wouldn't do that, not too sure about the wording because i was so shocked. after some thought i decided not to pursue the matter and sent the rest of the loco back to them and promptly purchased the same loco from hatterns. I'm not in anyway saying don't buy anything from them at all because of this as there a very good supplier of train stuff, i'm just saying the strange things shops think they can do, do
Douglas :confused:

26-04-2013, 01:59 PM
The whole locomotive should be returned in order to have it repaired or replaced under warranty. If that's what they asked you to do and you chose to dismantle it and return only part the warranty may already have been voided.

The shop may in turn be unable to claim credit from the manufacturer without having the whole locomotive to return to them.