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First of all warm-up : Red Phoenix,wedding dresses 2nd (http://www.2nddress.com), Phoenix Yellow,wedding dresses 2nd (http://www.2nddress.com), Pink Phoenix, Phoenix, pink, pollen flowers Phoenix

to the question of a:

1: fertilizer will be volatile

2: Black fertilizer gray, black ash fertilizer

3: Black hair gray will be volatile chemical ; gray volatile chemical fertilizers will be black

4: black hair gray volatile chemical fertilizers will spend fly; volatile black ash fertilizer will fly

5: black and gray hair gray taboo fertilizer will be essential to take flight; gray hair black ash as fertilizer will be essential taboo fly

6: black and gray ash fertilizer will taboo for the black and gray hair gray volatile flower fly;

gray hair black ash fertilizer will be essential to fly into the gray taboo

7: Black evaporation of black and gray hair will be gray ash fertilizer taboo to fly back for the black and gray flower;

volatile ash gray hair black and gray for the fertilizer will fly back into the gray taboo

subject II:

concentration, deep breathing, ready: one, two, three, go! ! ! Not do it, then good try.

1: Legend of Mother Liu Nian Liu Nian Niang Cowboy;

2: Liu Nian Niang Ox Cowboy, Cowboy mid Liu Nian Niang, Mother to Mother Love read Lang Lang, Lang to Lang read Mother Love Mother;

3: Mother Love Mother read, and read love Lang Lang,wedding dresses 2nd (http://www.2nddress.com), Lang read Mother Love, Mother Love read Lang, Cowboy reading Liu Mother Love, Mother of Love Cowboy Liu

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