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Link AC to CPU

Posted 09-10-2013 at 05:51 PM by JRoe
Help please. 2 questions but 1 problem. I have a Hornby transformer from either the R1046 pack or the Golden Arrow pack. I need to wire the 16v connectors to the CPU for my point switches. The CPU has a block for an AC+ and an AC- wire connection, but the transformer does not specify which connector is which. The general instructions do not specify.

Assuming that the transformer is on the table with the mains lead nearest me, then the red dial and then the connectors, Please advise which connector is which?

I also have an H & M Duette controller. If I decide to use this instead then, this time, is the top socket or the bottom socket AC+? My thinking is that it should be the top one but I 'm not an expert.
Thanking you in advance
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16 volt AC connections to a CDU are not polarity specific - it does not matter which way round they are connected - the CDU will rectify the current.

With the H & M, connect either of the sockets.
AC is what it says - alternating current - it cycles from positive to negative.

Posted 10-10-2013 at 04:45 PM by gastwo gastwo is offline
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