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Clay Hills International is a fictional location, influenced by several real life locations, with a dash of artistic licence thrown in for good measure.

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So I'm back,

Posted 30-08-2017 at 03:23 PM by Ginger The Hutt
from outer space...

And we'll stop right there before the rain starts.

As discussed in the layout thread, I got affected by the PB saga. To be honest it hit me pretty hard. I know I didn't post a lot here, or all that often, but I had several thousand photos stored with PB. I've not managed to retrieve all of them. The downloading backups 'feature' was horrendous, so I gave up and simply closed my account with there.

I'm certain that the vast majority of my photos were backed up with Google, as most photos I took of the layout were on my phone or tablet and they auto backup to Google. So I'm sure that my actual picture losses are minimal. That said, I'm not certain of the locations of all the original pictures, so some are probably misplaced for now until I unearth them from an the various archives they're potentially sitting in currently.

Enough discussion of PB. Railways. The railway hasn't progressed as much as I would have liked. There are several reasons for this. Initially, work on the various house projects got bumped up the list of importance by SWMBO. So the kitchen redecoration has begun. The lounge got finished; mostly And the car decided it needed 4 new tyres, an MOT and a major service. The disposable cash gods have not been too kind to me the last few months.

August has been a good month. I got the last couple of cupboards needed and the majority of the currently buildable baseboard has now been completed. Both inclines are in place and the next part of the project is putting in the BUS wires and sorting out the lower level, before building over the top of it. With luck the points and track work for that are budgeted for with Septembers pay check and that'll be the next bit of the project to keep me quiet for a few weeks.
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