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Clay Hills International is a fictional location, influenced by several real life locations, with a dash of artistic licence thrown in for good measure.

Please also check out the Thread and the youtube channel, thanks.
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Posted 08-09-2017 at 08:38 AM by Ginger The Hutt
I should really sort out a proper format this, rather than the current waffle... I'll put it on the list of things to do.

So a quick update. In the interests of getting more length of track to play with in place, I linked up the two inclines across the bottom level. So currently, there is ~13m of double track to play with.

I am currently looking at installing the initial 180 degree corners, to bring the track back up the length of the room. I started the first one and had issues with it. I'm trying a different approach to get the second one down and in place.
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So this weekend I tackled the tricky second corner. As hinted at above I messed up the first one slightly and I will need to re lay it.

I started by fixing in place (with a few screws between the sleepers) a pair of Hornby 4th radius set track (a guide track) and marking out its footprint.

Then played with a flexi track piece into position as the '5th' radius track and marked out its footprint also.

Next I liberally applied a layer of Copydex between the 5th radius curve markings, and using a set of 67mm gauges put the track in place.

Finally I then left the gauges in place to keep the track spacing even and weighted the track down with old coffee jars, full of water to keep the track flat whilst the glue cured.

Once the glue had cured for a few hours, the 5th radius track was held in place firmly enough for me to take out the screws holding the 4th radius guide track in place and repeat the process, from the other side of the fence.
Posted 11-09-2017 at 11:24 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
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I went back for the first corner that I messed up this weekend. Lifting the track was much easier than expected, which is useful to know if it needs to happen again in the future.

I have now run out of flexible track to lay down which is frustrating at best...
Posted 18-09-2017 at 11:32 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
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So out of track... still lots of stuff to be done!

I started messing around with the beginnings of a control board. I had made good headway until an oversight meant starting again from scratch...
Posted 20-09-2017 at 07:42 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
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I guess I should let on about the oversight!

So the requirement is that I have a mix of analogue and digital trains. The reason for this is several fold, cost of PCBs to digitalise, lack of space in some locos, lack of access in some locos, the list goes on.

Regardless, I want to be able to run both. The next problem is running both simultaneously. I appreciate that I can't run both digital and non on the same line. But I can run one or t'other or both, on different lines. This also allows me to swap over locos whenever my monster gets bored of Percy, and wants something non digital to wizz around the track.

So a couple of double pole, double throw switches to completely electrically insulate the various controllers from each other, and we're good to go.

The oversight was the placement of switches in relation to the controllers. Initially I planned for them to go above the controllers, but I had forgotten about the chunky power cable to the non digital controllers and it stuck out over the top of them. So a complete rework of the panel layout and the switches now go below the controllers.

I am concerned that more switches will be needed and that my control panel will end up a semi unplanned mess...

In related news, because of this electrically switchable plan, I started work on electrically separating the tracks power feeds. At some point I created a short circuit. I have no idea where, or how. >.< But at that point, I gave up for the night... Going to have to undo and re-do everything I have done so far to check and find the problem.
Posted 22-09-2017 at 08:27 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
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