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Posted 29-08-2018 at 07:20 PM by Tony Hibbett
There are limitations. After about 30 A3 sheets, the lamiinator broke down. I bought a new one from W H Smiths for under 20. However, for some reason, some sheets don't fully bond. When this happens, I cut out the parts as usual then glue the loose laminate with UHU.
The A3 heavyweight laminate pouches are not cheap at 20 for 25, compared with standard weight A4, at 10 for 1 at Poundland, where you can also get 60g tubes of UHU for the same. You only need A3 for kits with parts which exceed A4 length. You can get matt (non-reflective) pouches on special order online.
When folding parts such as walls and tabs, the laminate must be cut on both sides. This exposes the edges of the card which must be sealed with glue to keep out moisture.
The plasticard tiles are great but I could not find a slate version. For slate roofs I laminate Superquick building sheets with matt sheets and use these instead. UHU is only water-resistant not fully waterproof. However it does soak into the exposed card. A second coating is recommended on vulnerable areas such as wall corners, wall capping and roof and paving edges. Inevitably, during prolonged heavy rain, water will find the tiniest gaps and seep in, causing the printed paper to separate from the card. This is easily repaired with glue once the model has dried.
When making card kits, glue, usually PVA, is used sparingly but the reverse is true when the card is laminated and PVA is no good. Typically I used about 30g of UHU per single kit. That'a lot of noxious vapour up your nose!
Obviously it takes significantly longer to build card kits in this way and also costs more. As yet, I have no idea of the effect of wet leaves, heavy snow and freezing and I am inclined to the idea of bringing the models inside during the winter.
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