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Clay Hills International is a fictional location, influenced by several real life locations, with a dash of artistic licence thrown in for good measure.

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Delays, as usual with some progress this time...

Posted 12-09-2016 at 08:33 AM by Ginger The Hutt
So... I have two kitchen cupboard carcasses, I had put them in place and was hoping to spend time in July and August, actually starting to build my layout...

Then along came SWMBO and casually mentioned that 'it might be difficult to put the ceiling into place, if the train set is already built and unmoveable, underneath where you're trying to work' *long sigh* As soon as she said it, I knew she was right... so as there had been two important house projects to do first (namely because I've been dodging them all summer as 'not important till autumn'), I'm now back onto the Hut as primary project.

I have acquired the board I intend to use as for the ceiling (11mm Orientated Strand Board - For those wanting specifics) and have with the assistance of SWMBO, managed to put the first one into place! I then spent the rest of the evening, fiddling with the light and it's fitting to mangle the first one into place!

Another one of these into place to finish the majority of the first side, and then actual building can begin underneath! . So... another few days and I intend to start building.

Finally... :sigh:
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