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Thingies, Doodahs and Whatsamajigs.

So progress this week on the actual rails has been nonexistent. This has been because I ran out of wire for the droppers. My usual supplier of rail and hobby bits didn't have any in stock so, it's been placed on order. Still waiting for the phone call to say it has arrived and that I can go to pick it up.

The FiL visited very briefly in mid May. As outlined above he's really the igniting force force behind this current burst of enthusiasm. He brought with him an Auhagen model post office, which I have been slowly building, modifying over the last month. With the lack of wiring that build process has been accelerated somewhat.

I have a new album for documenting scenery and terrain. Album link.
Posted 19-06-2018 at 11:49 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline

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