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Ian Watson (Buggins if you prefer) new member puzzling radii and "out & back" probs.

Posted 28-11-2013 at 05:46 PM by Ian Watson
As a new member my fields of ignorance are pretty
impressive. I'm a wheel-chair tied invalid (along with a great many others I'm sure) but I can at least spell gauge which seems to trip others! I'm
planning an L shaped layout in my upstairs room,to be operable from my electric w/chair so floor to layout height is about 34-35 inches. I plan (From
the lofty height of my ignorance) to use Peco100
track, minimum turnouts, min.locos (say4 or 5).in fact min. everything. I'm v.lucky in that a couple
of pals will do the carpentry & erect the boards
etc . Amongst a mass of queries and worries that
live in my head and in no particular order are;
How do I arrange for out and back running? What radius curves are needed and what minimum width will baseboarrd need to be to allow a train to turn and return? Would a swivelling fiddle-yard be best? Its ooscale/gauge and locos are 0-6-0+tender at the longest, Doubtless I hve forgotten to include vital info for the resident experts to get
their teeth into and and have prob. broken
many rules by this being so long and verbose.
Any pointers,thoughts etc,etc, will be so very
welcome to this ancient 75 year old brain,
many thanks for any help, my most
kind regards, Ian Watson.
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Hello 'Buggins',

I am no expert on this but the minimum radii using 'manufacturer's track is 24 inch as an inner track and then progressing out to 36 inch for outer circuits. I obtained a copy of a very good book 'The Newcomer's Guide to Model Railways' by Brian Lambert from the Nostalgia Collection priced 17.99, but you might find it cheaper on Amazon or another website. ISBN 978-1-85794-329-0.

If you use Peco flexible track then Tracksetta make various gauges to make curves from 24 to 60 inch radii. To summarise a circle will require a board 4ft x 4ft as the smallest size. To get 2 parallel lines will need a board 5ft x 5ft as a minimum. The distance of reach could be a difficulty for you so your fiddle yard might be the answer. It really depends upon the room size.

I hope this is of some help.
Posted 09-12-2013 at 06:19 PM by melford melford is offline

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