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Hythe Junction - An 00 gauge Preservation Railway

Posted 04-01-2016 at 08:45 PM by TheYoungModeller
Hello one and all, My name is Brad and today I bring you my first attempt at a model railway, Called Hythe Junction. This is a small, End to end 6x2 layout based on a preservation railway, somewhere in the northeast. Most modellers I have talked to and most that I have read have stated " I'd create a heritage railway so I can run any stock I so wish" but with me, That is not the case. Unfortunately, my age has restricted me from seeing the golden age of steam, so the only way I have been able to (and I have been since I could walk) is by going to preservation lines, museums and exhibitions. I have been interested and have craved a model railway since I was 8, but due to space and other limits, that has only come to fruition this Xmas (2015)

The first locomotive I purchased was a Bachmann Class 105 Dmu and she is a stunner!! Directional and destination lights, quality at low speeds and the level of detail you'd expect off a premium model, in a train set! I had to store most of the curves, unfortunately, but the rest of the track I put to use and I am expecting another order the 6th Jan. The next loco I got was a Hornby Hunt class... But that story wasn't so rosy... The hunt class was OK in detail, but by god could she not grip! She struggled on her own, and she couldn't pull 2 LNER teak coaches! We took her back to my local hobby store and the kind staff tested her and found she had a lack of traction tyres.. Which were meant to be fitted by the manufacturer... So they gave us a choice. For them to add traction tyres or Get a new loco for the same or lower price. It was then I saw a beautiful Bachmann J11 in the sale, and By god she was pretty. Considering the lack of detail from the hunt, and the previous experience with Bachmann, it was pretty easy to choose.

And by God did I make the right choice

I'm a bit gutted none survived into preservation, my story would be the society found a J11 boiler and scratch built the train. I better put crouds on the platform on its maiden voyage!!

Anyway, some photos of the layout will come soon.
Thanks for reading, and happy new year,

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Ginger The Hutt's Avatar
*Eagerly awaiting the photos*
Posted 04-01-2016 at 10:41 PM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
Yes I bet you are.. they should be online by sat/sun evening if everything goes well, what with college and everything, my layout DIY time's restricted :/ the photos should consist of my baseboard in general, a track plan, a broken train (my granddad accidently sent it off the end D; ) and a special coach project,

thanks for viewing the post,
Posted 07-01-2016 at 06:49 PM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline
Ginger The Hutt's Avatar
ooo exciting! And also somewhat painful sounding. Hope there's not much damage!
Posted 07-01-2016 at 11:55 PM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
yes, painful to me. the train itself has a broken chimney and smokebox, and the running has had issues. oh well, im getting a new train, and the old one would be good for siding clutter.

better get weathering!
Posted 11-01-2016 at 05:29 PM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline

Everything did not go well, the photos wont be ready till Wednesday if im lucky. I have taken the photos, I just need to get them uploaded, which is a task and a half!

Posted 11-01-2016 at 05:31 PM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline
Ginger The Hutt's Avatar
Sorry to hear that news. :/ Silver lining though? Yeah the photos can get frustrating.
Posted 12-01-2016 at 10:20 PM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline

Hythe Valley Railway Photos!

Right, Update time!

Afew days earlier than expected, and with the snow blitzing my house, I bring you some photos! FINALLY

The photos show my layout in early development, with my trains included. the last track order has come through since these photos and I will be posting new photos as soon as I can. for now, enjoy!

thanks for reading,
Posted 14-01-2016 at 07:02 PM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline

Any Suggestions??

Im Really Sorry to inform that I cant upload my photos as the file size is too large. anyone have anything that could help as I really want to share my photos.

thanks for any help,
Posted 14-01-2016 at 07:09 PM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline
Thanks for the help, gingerthehutt I have now set up a photo blog on tumblr! Here's the link:
Posted 19-01-2016 at 06:36 AM by TheYoungModeller TheYoungModeller is offline
Ginger The Hutt's Avatar
Awesome! Nice start!
Posted 19-01-2016 at 09:34 AM by Ginger The Hutt Ginger The Hutt is offline
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