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Insufrog points

well I have found the answer, looking at an old electrofrog I thought how hard would it be to convert an insulfrog to a electrofrog not impossible I thought. so before I wrecked my point I dismantled a live frog to see how it was made and it looked quite easy, so I thought for the sake of 15 I would risk it so I cut out the plastic insufrog vee took the rails off got some rails off my spare flexi track bent them to shape and then filed the ends to the same shape as the samples and with a bit of fiddling got them fitted into place. I tried a wagon on them and it worked a treat I have just got to solder the wire to the frog and two inner rails and I am finished took about an hour a piece really chuffed with the result and it keeps all my points live. I was going to add a photo but can't see where to add one.
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