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I adjust points although by easing the curves.
Two examples:-

Tillig make a Code 83 point that is sort of mid way between UK 3rd and 4th radius on the outer curve but the inner curve sharpens to almost UK 1st radius so I cut through the sleeper webbing and ease the inner curve to almost UK 3rd radius. The useful thing about Tillig track, aside from it having ready weathered rail sides, is that the height from sleeper base to rail top is, unlike all/most other Code 83 track, the same as Code 100 meaning it can be joined without needing packing and a very simple way of joining together is to use Pecos Code 75 to Code 100 rail joiners.

One location on my layout needed a gentle curved point but whilst the Peco Streamline curved point fitted 5/6th of its length it was too curved at the toe of the point so I cut through the joins between the sleepers on the inside for the length from the toe to in line with the point blade pivot and straitened out that section of the point.
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