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I have a friend in that village though I'm not sure which house he lives. I have to admit I've not tried white metal soldering either as yet. I tend to use too much solder... I am improving though!
Not far from that quarry (If its the one I'm thinking of) is a house with a signal in the garden with its garden railway.
I have been shown round the flour mill with the water wheel when it was going about 20 years ago.
My uncle and aunt and cousins lived in a farm in Porthyrhyd which used to have a mile track to reach it. The dual carriageway has since cut through the old farm track. Not sure how they would get there now. Many fond memories of playing in the river whilst staying with cousins on the farm, and being told off for using dried cow pats as frizzbys!
One day we walked down to the village shop, and the few pennies we had with pocket money, we bought a roll of caps... It was a warm summer when the days were long. My cousin and I decided to tear off a cap or two and drop them into the chicken pen. The chickens went towards them... Peck, peck "BANG!"
I think half the roll of caps were torn up and dropped into the chicken pen... Even as I was in bed I heard the occasional bang from outside the bedroom window.
I remember about three weeks later when I was home and my aunt and uncle came to visit and my auntie chatting to my mum and she was puzzled as her chickens had been two weeks without laying and seemed nurvous. Poor things!
We didnt think as kiddies back then.

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