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Originally Posted by Teedoubleudee View Post
Difficult if you airbrush John. Personally I use a brush.
Hi Terry Sorry forgot to press the quote button I was just backing up your post and agreeing with you. I did not think I needed to point out about air brushing. Thought that was obvious. If you air brush then as you said clean up the joint. I was picturing supports under station canopy or something or similar. Small parts I would think are easier to brush especially the tiny parts. I can understand people spraying the larger bits but the little pieces are just as easy to brush are they not. Depends what you are doing at the time would think.. If you have to spray it then clean up the joint (like you sugested) After all if you were soldering a dirty contact or something, you would give it a clean before putting on the flux on would you not. Do the same for for making a plastic joint. Whats the difference.
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