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An interesting observation. Id say that most issues were prevented by changing because all your couplings will be the same size. Tension lock couplings of different sizes tend to get caught on each other. Another issue can be found if one uses narrow tension locks with no sideways flex on longer vehicles. Of corse, the largest issue with using tension lock couplings fitted with the nem type system is up and down movement. Add the extra flexibility of the close coupling system fitted to coaches and it spells disaster! Before these two designs came out, as long as the sizes of tension lock couplings used were the same I had very few issues at all. The issues came when I mixed Mainline or mixed Airfix stock with my main fleet of the wider metal tension lock couplings that Hornby once made. Run all Mainline or all Hornby and they worked well. Airfix were less successful as they tended to self destruct!
If I decide to keep my 00 gauge items (As at the moment I'm considering selling any spares which dont fit in with the main collection) I'm planning to make my own coupling system for all my stock.
There are coupling designs which are far more universal in that they are less suseptable to issues caused by the coupling height or even size (Within reason). For example, the design I made for my narrow gauge which should have the ability to be altered to use a hook instead of a drawing pin so one can use it for 00 gauge. The only issue is that it is a manually operated coupling design. I have thought about using this for my 00 gauge but I dont think that I am keeping the collection, so tension locks will be more useful for new purchasers.
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