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Default Shed Queens, Runners and the Dependables!

I'm sitting in my Railway room as two Union Mills locos, A Q2 and a D16/3 lap the two continuous loops.

Another Union Mills loco, a D11, Butler Henderson, stands at one end of the end to end section ready to run round a local passenger train and return to the other end, in due course. Also on the layout are 2 Dapol 9Fs, a Dapol M7, masquerading as a G5 (Rule 1 rules.). There are other locos available. From GF there's a J39, V2, Class 04 shunter all ready to go. But the Union Mills D20 and J11 also on the layout are much more likely to get a run than anything else currently standing in a siding.

Why?, After all the locos all run, but somehow, the ease with which UM locos tackle any load makes me turn to them every time.

Does anyone else have loco or brand favourites among their stock, whether the reasons ore emotional or real.
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Yes. Though it is easier to answer with my 7mm narrow gauge locos which I love them all. My loco number 1 is my favourite as I've spent more time with it then the others and upgraded things I would not normally have done. By doing this it becomes very personal, especially as my railway is fictitious and everything is freelance based. (I really love the modelling freedom this allows).
The loco started life as a Smallbrook Studio Clio on a Hornby 0-4-0 chassis. It has had bunkers added, home made name and number plates, the chassis has been changed to a Triang chassis but using modern Hornby 0-4-0 running parts. Before this chassis upgrade I added some weight to it (Though it didnt really need it). With the heavier Triang chassis frame, it is heavier still so in the future I may give it a diet as it will not wheelspin at all. I want the wheels to spin as it brings a bit of "Give" to the system which prevents excess wear on gears etc. It can pull like anything though as it is! Tried it with ten 00 gauge bogie coaches. No wheel slip. Not many 0-4-0's can do that!
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