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Default Are train packs worth anything?

Hi, I was cleaning out my storage unit and found quite a few Hornby train packs all in original packaging. Is there any value to these?
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What do you mean by train packs? Do you mean their 'track packs' lettered from A to E?

A quick look on ebay will show what people are asking for them.
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Train packs do have a value, check the R numbers on ebay. Please read the forum rules on selling if that is your intention.
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Everything has a value. It all depends what it is. Some are higher then others. Some used to be high but have dropped in value (E.g. anything Triang, Wrenn or Hornby Dublo 2 rail) due to recent preferences for finescale wheeled items. (For some reason Hornby Dublo 3 rail prices which used to be low have gone up quite a bit).
Now train packs in limited quantities have been around on and off for a long time. Also of note that as today's normalnproduction figures are lower then they used to be, at times some of the items marketed as limited edition actually are more plentiful then the standard production items. It has been known!
Hornby often make some very cool train packs which usually contain a locomotive and a few wagons or a few coaches. These are lovely little packs. At times they made very nice limited edition trainsets in red boxes with pull out draws, and a rather nice H&M 2000 dual controller.
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I have a few "train packs". Once you've got your layout, you don't need to buy a set - loco and coaches for example, that then comes with track and a controller.

Hornby train packs will often be a loco and matching coaches from a certain part of the country - the Lyme Regis pack or the Pull/Push Pack - an M7 plus a pair of Pull/Push coaches.
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There's a website devoted to this topic
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