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Default Barn.

On another forum someone was writing about making 4mm scale corrugated iron sheets, and as our barn is in the process of being rebuilt, I thought it was ideal to share some pictures of an example of the real thing.
While I did it dawned on me how easy our barn would be to build in a model form as there are six main uprights which are made from old railway rails. What's left of the floor was made from sleepers. All parts that us modellers may be able to get our hands on easily. The other parts are wood. Some wood was simply tree trunks obtained from the nearby forest which is about half a field away, and other pieces of wood are standard beams which can be replicated via glueing lollypop sticks together and sanding them to size. The only real thing needed is a reliable method to make corrugated iron sheets and then painting them either black or silver (New sheets) or rust.
The basic structure is quite simple as seen by the photographs I will include below.

The main barn did only have five A frames, and now we have seven. My brother once had a 25ft CB aerial but aa low flying military jet (Tornado) once broke it. (When we phoned to complain they point blank refused to admit that their planes used to fly low!)
Anyway, it looks an ideal prototype to model and its why I thought to share the idea. I dont know if any other barns were made from setting old disused rails into the ground with concrete to support them. I've not noticed. Most local older barns here have curved roofs.
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25ft does seem a trite low for a Tornado, or even a Buccaneer come to that.
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You are not ten foot from the end of a runway are you?!!

By the way Slaters do 4mm plasticard sheet with a corrugated finish. I have also seen it made from two sheets of cocktail sticks glued together and then used to compress some heavy foil. The type used to wrap air conditioning ducting for instance.
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Mountain Goat
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Haha. No. We are in Wales. Wales used to be the main area used to practice low flying. We had them fly where they had to pull up to clear the hedges. We had to stop keeping goats back then as they would panic and being on a feather, they wouldn't be on there for long. We live on a hill 500ft higher then the sea below.
I once had to duck while carrying a car battery in my teenage years due to low flying and it appeared in the local newspapers as I'd dropped the battery on my foot while I ducked.
The Tornados always had their wings swept back. I once read the writing on the pilots helmet as I was almost eye level with him. Further up in the county a farmers wife caused considerable damage to one as she shot straight through the tail with a shotgun, as she got so fed up with the vets bills from panicked cattle.

Brothers aerial had about 5ft knocked off it.

They stopped low flying around here when there was a very close near miss when a light aircraft flying low taking photos of local properties to sell to the proerty owners had to dive to the ground to avoid one. The newspaper claimed it took place above the local school, but in reality it was no where near as the light aircraft dived just below where I was (I was out cycling on the mountain road which follows the ridge of the mountain) and I saw the tops of its wings below me about a field away from me. I was puzzled why the aircraft did that and whoosh... The tornado flew over above me at about the height of the nearby parallel pylon wires. The tornado pilot also saw the plane and turned round to check all was OK before he flew off. The light aircraft was able to then fly up after the event which didnt last long. I'd be surprised if the light aircraft didnt touch its wheels on the ground. They used to fly over here every other year taking photos and I've not seen them back since that time, which is about 20 years ago.

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