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Location location location Where can I keep my model railway?

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Tricky Dicky
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Last day of the build, I feel I should crack a bottle of Champers on it except it would probably put a dent in somewhere.

I feel sorry for the builders they have worked through snow blizzards, unrelenting rain and on the few occasions the sun came out they had to contend with bitter biting wind and today is no exception. It's drizzling and according to the weather forecast likely to be set for the whole day. I think they will be glad to see the back of West Yorkshire.

At least I am one happy bunny

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Just incase you do dent the the wood, a damp cloth and a steam iron onthe the affected area, will see the dent vanish......
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Ginger The Hutt
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Originally Posted by Tricky Dicky View Post
I am going to do much the same Ginger. I am putting in a raised floor in the layout room with Celutex or Kingspan between the joists, although the base has been laid on a DPM, I will put an additional layer beneath the joists just belt and braces.
Sensible. In retrospect, I wish I had put more insulation in under the floor. But in the slippers, in the dead of winter, it's still quite comfortable. Admittedly, I do have a suspended wooden floor, which is not the same ball park as a concrete one, but still... retrospect being 20:20 and all that...

Originally Posted by Tricky Dicky View Post
Likewise with the walls which will be covered with a vapour barrier and plasterboard to finish. I am considering a PB that has some additional insulation and does not need a vapour barrier.
I thought about a similar system and decided against it purely on price. My project budget was split out over several months, and I wanted to see progress, rather than PB piling up. As a result, my walls are 25mm Celotex, 12mm PB & a 5mm insulated lining paper. I painted the external walls in a vapour barrier sealant stuff, which seems to have worked. No evidence of leaks as of yet. *fingers crossed*

Originally Posted by Tricky Dicky View Post
I was going to do the same in the roof but they changed the planned truss system the week before delivery and gave me engineered trusses instead which I am not complaining about as they have waived the additional 700 cost. The benefit of this change has meant additional head room due to the walls being a bit taller. The engineered trusses came with specific instructions for bracing longitudenly and diagonally which has made it difficult if not impossible to insulate below the roof boards. However, the additional height means I can now have a flat ceiling whereas before it would have been flat in the middle but sloping towards the edges. So the plan now is to use foil backed plaster board for the ceiling and roll out 300mm of rock wool over it. The C-in-C tells me there will be a 1cm gap along the eaves so by putting some channeling between trusses should stop the rockwool blocking the vent and thus provide ventilation for the roof space. I may in addition put some vents in the the two gable ends.

With the engineered roof, you've now gained a whole load more storage space in your mini loft?

300mm is a lot! Will be a hot dusty job installing that lot. I don't envy you there.

The extra vents seem a good thought. I put a couple more in my Hut to assist with air turn over.

Originally Posted by Tricky Dicky View Post
Sorry no pictures today, it was head torches and night vision goggles again they worked through to 6:00pm As far as I know I have a fully shingled roof it's too dark to see. They are staying overnight in a hotel and are coming tomorrow to finish off the last fascias, capping strips and trims as well as the guttering. I do not think,they will be all day even with the clear up so hope to get pictures of the finished job.

I'm excited for you here! Can't wait to see progress and the fruition of long term plans!

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