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Good morning.

I'm new on this forum and I'm from Italy.

I pull up this old thread because I recently purchased some Laisdcc decoder
model 860021, 8 pin NEM652.

I tried to setup speed using CV5 and CV6 but without any result.

The only way to set up the speed is using the speed curve (CV 67 through 94)
but it is too complicate.

Resetting decoder using CV8 or CV30 do not work.

Seller tested himself the same decoder and recognize the malfunction saying
that with the old firmware version (V3) all worked ok, but this one (V4)
seems have these problems.

I looked up to contact Laisdcc but I didn't find any web link or e-mail.

Anyone of you has suggestions?

Thanks and regards, Massimo.
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Welcome to the forum Massimo

web page here

their contact page refers you back to the re-sellers, however there is a Twitter page here

the Facebook link takes you to a blank page but here is an email address

can the seller not exchange it for another one?
hope this helps
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Thanks for your reply DTB.

Yes, resellers offered to refound the total amount but
this regards only two decoders.

I purchased, at the beginning of december 2017, three
other from China, but I forgot about those, because it
takes two months to arrive.

As I can see from specific CVs, manufacturing date is
not so recent (february 2017) and I wonder if, since that
time, LAISDCC was aware of the problem.
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