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Default Holes for point motor pins

Somewhere I saw an advert for a patch that fits over the hole in the baseboard that the point motor pin protrudes through. The patch has a slit so that the pin can slide side to side without interruption. The patch also hides the hole. Has anyone else seen this and knows where I can get some? I have tried to use sticky labels with a slit but they don't adhere to the baseboard very well.
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just make a slit in the baseboard, or drill a round hole and use a piece of paper under the point with a slit in it, you only need a hole or slit long and wide enough for the travel of the point tie bar,

fwiw, i use these to drill and make the slit,

other makes are available just first one i came to in the search
Michaels model railway

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For below baseboard OO point motor operation drill either a single 9mm dia hole or 2 x 4mm dia holes next to each other, then allow the drill bit to gently elongate the two holes into one 4mm x approx 9mm long slot. The hole is directly under the middle position of the tie bars hole. Trim any break through rough edges with a craft knife to smooth them. Fit motor with its pin held central and also the point blades held central. Both methods do not require anything to cover the slot or hole as the point itself covers it. See the link below and scroll down down a little.
N gauge points may need a piece of card to cover any exposed slot.

If you're using a point motor fitted directly to the points underside such as the Peco PL10 motor or Hornby R8014 direct fitting motor, then you will have to cut a large rectangular shaped hole in the baseboard. This can be covered easily with two pieces of postcard thickness card with a slot cut into the middle of 4mm wide and 9 or 10mm long, the card then split into two to allow fitting. See... Link 1
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Agreed Mike. I used to make a small slit in the board with a 3mm drill but now I find it easier to make a 10mm hole with a Forstner drill bit. I put two small pieces of masking tape under N gauge points, either side of the tie bar, but I don’t bother on OO points.
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