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Default Do i have an old style electrofrog?

Hi All. I have just been to a model rail fair and purchased 2 medium radius electrofrog turnouts. Upon closer examination I have noticed the lack of the 2 link wires on the underside of one of the turnouts. Have i unknowingly purchased an old style turnout? and if so can it still be modified? I am unable to upload a photo but it is definitely electrofrog (the frog is entirely metal) but the lack of link wires has left me baffled. Some advice on this would be appreciated.
Regards to all
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You will need a Dremel or similar disc cutter to cut the rail where the links usually are on the modern points.
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Presumably you mean the link wires that would normally bridge the two gaps factory cut in the two closure rails of the point?
Not the frog linking wiring under the actual frog which also has a single uninsulated wire to feed from frog polarity switching?

Some even new Peco Electrofrog points today do not have the factory fitted gap and link wires bridging the two gaps! The small Y point is one example. However yours are medium radius and if new products they would have the two gaps and two linking wires factory fitted. Being older items doesn't mean they wont work though!

As suggested by Suzie, make two cuts yourself in the closure rails, but only do this if you're using frog polarity switching. On no account make the cuts if your not!
Make cuts between sleepers and between the pivot and frog ensuring you cleanly cut through each closure rail then solder two link wires to the rails undersides between outer stock rail to pivot side of the cut on the adjacent closure rail, one link on each side. These wires can be extended and drop below baseboard and connect to the rail feed wiring too.
Broken? It was working when I left it!
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