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Please read all the forum rules here before posting.
Forum rules
Forum Rules and Conditions. By accepting membership to the forums. You will be required to abide by the following…
1) Posts:- Post in the main forum areas are to be restricted to real or model railway related topics.
2) Post content:- Post must not contain any swearing, religious, political, sexual, racial, any other offensive text or any item promoting illegal activities. Off topic posts will be deleted without warning.
3) Spam Posts:- Any Spam in any post will immediately be removed and the poster banned for life.
4) Bullying :- Bullying of any forum members will not be tolerated and any occurrence shall result in…. 4A) A formal warning issued to the poster. Followed by if necessary…. 4B) Banning of the poster if rule 4A) fails to stop the offences occurring.
5) Advertising :- Is restricted to personal model railway related ‘For Sale’ or ‘Wanted’ items and are to be listed in detail in the forums area of ‘For Sale’ or ‘Wanted’. A minimum of ten meaningful posts in other forum areas is required before posts can be made in the For Sale section. There is no restriction for Wanted items. Commercial advertising is only permitted on the forum with consent of the forum owner.
6) Hyper-links to off site items:- The use of hyper-links to off forum sales or wanted items for personal or commercial gain is strictly forbidden. e.g. ebay link to items you may have for sale.
7) Manufacturers:- Comments about a manufacturer or their products must be restricted to constructive criticism. So called ‘manufacturer bashing’ will not be tolerated and posts deemed to breach this condition will be removed at the administrators discretion.
8) Picture Content:- Picture content shall be kept to model or real railway related items. Maximum picture upload size is restricted. Explicit or inappropriate images will be removed by the site Admin. Any offender will be banned for life from the forum.
9) Do not post your personal details, such as address, telephone number, email address etc. Use a Private Message (PM) to contact other forum users if you wish to pass on your details.
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