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Dorking Exhibition

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:22 pm
by Maz066
Well I am over visiting Blighty from Aus, just checking on the cricket and world cup. Looked up RM and saw there was an exhibition in Dorking reasonably close to where we are in Cobham.
Once I got used to all your 2 lanes roads reduced to one because of rather erratic parking practices of British drivers, and mph versus kph, I found the exhibition.
Enjoyed it thoroughly. I met loads of modelers and had some great conversations and learnt a few things
  • Never have two layouts controlled by i-phones. both layouts had Tornado with the same running number. There was much confusion and unusual running.
  • Use black pantyhose to simulate wire netting fencing. much better than the shiny Faller fencing I am using
  • Make beautiful tram ways from thin Styrofoam and a propelling pencil
  • moving cars, courtesy of the Faller system, really brings a layout to life
There were plenty of interested teenagers as well
I wish there were more British modelers in Aus
Congratulations on a great exhibition