Housing market mayhem

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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by Chops »

Glad the crew is OK. Uh, I hate to ask, but were the trains in this overturned load?

In a younger day I used to drive a lorry. Learned a few things, such as how to tip over starting from a dead stop. All one has to do is position the tractor at a right angle and start up spritely. You'll be on your side in no time. Go down an exit ramp too fast and you will also learn the meaning of various Newtonian laws about gravity and momentum.

Too abrupt on the clutch can cause the diesel motor to fire in reverse, and develop an enormous speed. Jolly good fun watching smoke come out the air intake and the thrill of zipping backwards at speed is such a pleasure, words cannot describe. Usually in the form of oaths.

As far as I am concerned, everything should go by train. Much safer and more pleasant to look upon. Various places here in the States where a lattice of rail can still be found in city centres. All buried in grass, now.
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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by bulleidboy »

Hi Bob
Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. Barry
Tomorrow will be a good day!
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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by GeoffAlan2 »

bulleidboy wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:51 am Hi Puddles - make sure the new house has a "model railway room" :lol:

There are so many deals on new cars - my son has a new John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S - he just pays "x" a month and after five years he can hand it back and start again. If you didn't know you would assume he'd just spent a fortune on a new car.
My neighbour had a car on that kind of deal. When he handed it back the firm surveyed it and wanted thousands to rectify blemishes. Each stone chip, and if you drive the car stones will chip the paint, key mark near the lock and nail mark around door handles was carefully noted. As far as the firm was concerned the car had to be in showroom condition. A long, nasty and in the end legal action ensued.

My neighbour buys his cars now and will not ever lease again.
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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by Walkingthedog »

I know several people who lease cars my son and his partner do. Never had a problem with returning the car at the end of the lease not matter what condition within reason.
Nurse, the screens!
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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by yelrow »

Must have been an amarican firm. Thats exactly how they are with Hire cars, hence the various waivers and extra insurance, you are forced to take out. I now, photo the car on collection from all sides, in and out, and then easy to dispute.
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Re: Housing market mayhem


Post by Puddles »

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts about my moving problem and to Chops question I did take my model railway to my wife’s sisters house in Hertfordshire before the move so it is all in boxes sitting in a spare bedroom just waiting for me to collect them when the time is right and as Sir Captain Tom used to say
tomorrow will be a good day.

It does not take me long to do five minutes work.
Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
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