Half decent locos

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Half decent locos


Post by AndyH »

Hi all.
My track is slowly coming together as a newbie, running on a mix of steel and nickel. The trains I have are old with the basic motors from the 80s and struggle when pulling a couple of cars.

Anyone got anything that'll run good and entertaining for a 6 yr old ?

I'm not currently modelling anything in particular, although at an early stage of researching an area to model, currently looking at Cromer, l, Cornwell or Lake District. No particular era either.

Thanks Andy
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Re: Half decent locos


Post by IanS »

I would suggest the Thomas range for a 6yr old. They can have a lot of fun with a limited collection - you can then have 'your' trains, the 6yr old can have theirs. Damage from play will be less frustrating for you!
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