SD / Micro SD card adapters

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SD / Micro SD card adapters


Post by teedoubleudee »

it's been my day for ordering and trying out new stuff. First my Tiny Servo and now this. I have a few sound devices around the layout which use micro SD cards. One I've just installed is in a place I cant get to without some serious dismantling, but I need to update the files which involves removing the micro SD card and plugging it into my computer. So I wondered wouldn't it be nice if there was such a thing as a micro SD card extension cable that I could access remotely, so I had a search and there is! This particular one comes with a couple of SD to micro SD adapters so it can be used in four ways:

SD to SD, SD to Micro SD, Micro SD to SD and Micro SD to Micro SD.

£7.99 from Amazon though there are plenty on eBay and elsewhere too.

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Mr Bones
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Re: SD / Micro SD card adapters


Post by Mr Bones »

What a great find. Thanks for sharing the information, they could really save some backache :D
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Re: SD / Micro SD card adapters


Post by Paul-H »

Also nice to be able to use an sdcard which I have loads in place of a microsd which I don't have many

Will have a search for these.

Thanks for the headsup
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