Introducing The Grand Stench Railroad

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Introducing The Grand Stench Railroad


Post by Chops » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:33 pm

I picked up this old gem off eBay for about 10 quid. Needed a little quick clean and lube, and now she runs like a diamond. The Athearn GP 9 was also a great find; New Old Stock, Mint in Box for less than 20 quid. A little gear grease and she just whirred. However, so as to not burn out the motor, I gave her an assist with a rather decent old Rivarossi RS 3. The caboose cost me a dollar, and most of the wagons and lorries together maybe a quid or two each. The fun we had: priceless.

The Southern Pacific Railroad (now wholly owned under Union Pacific Colors) did run these types of ultra hot "shooters" to compete with express lorry and air delivery, consisting of very short trains with extra power. "Crusty" is a professional engine driver, and showed as much acumen running 1/87 as he does with the 1:1 stuff, whilst I played cameraman.

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