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No Worries


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TBH, sometimes there is a visual satire involved, as with a house fly standing in for the CV bug, or, a larger Loch Ness Monster representing the Delta variant of the CV virus, and sometimes I just like running the trains and posting some music that doesn't get the kind of radio play that would allow it to be famous. Dire Straits, a particularly brilliant UK group, is forgotten or unknown, and some of the B side stuff was simply amazing- but you'd never know as it never got any airtime.

In the Sweet Life, I had finished another 12 hour day of pure tedium, and simply wished to run some vintage Tyco that had not been run in a long time. The yellow switcher, BTW, was a Tyco that was custom painted and decaled for Vernon's Ginger Ale, ginger ale being one of my favorite beverages. The thing with Tyco, generally speaking, is that it had its start in the UK, if memory serves, in the 1920's, and the owner/manufacturer moved to New Jersey and adopting HO became rather successful in the post war years mass producing colorful, if not utterly fictitious model trains, along with a broad array of extant private and public railways. The variety of what they pumped out over the course of 70 years is seemingly infinite, and they did so in such large numbers that buying the stuff at model train meets, and in bargain boxes at the dwindling number of model rail shops, was a matter
of pennies. I have had actual armloads of the stuff given to me by people trying to clear their garages.

I have twin model train fascinations, as a young man I received a wind up Wrenn set in 1966 whilst living abroad in the UK. So, later, when encountering North American trains, after we had moved to Massachusetts from Ontario, that spurned my interest, and so now I struggle to maintain separate 4x8 layouts. Sometimes I ponder just putting all the North American lot on eBay and turn my attention only to British OO, but I know I'd regret it.

As a sole bread winner for a family of five, the economy of the stuff, largely considered worthless junk by many, was a boon for me, and Tyco was something that I enjoyed as a youngster, so the sentiment became a large factor, as well. The white Domino Sugar cars replicate a single such wagon
purchased on a rare trip to a department store back in about 1976, when my always thoughtful mother took me on a trip to buy one that was one sale for 99 cents, at the time. That particular piece, by AHM, was last seen for $40, unboxed, these are knock offs by Model Power that I picked up at around $5 a whack.

This latest video, "No Worries," is a response to the catch phrases of the current generation. In the past, we used to drive our parents nuts with such sparkling edifications such as "Groovy," "Wizard," and later, "tubular awesome." Now it is such rubbish as "perfect," "reach out," and the particularly annoying, "No Worries." Nothing is perfect except the Creator, "reach out and touch someone" was an annoying jingle promoting long distance phone service in the 1970's by the Bell telephone company, and now, "no worries." What? Am I supposed to go smoke a fat spliff and just let it all happen?

As with all my Chops rubbish, don't worry, it's just a 'nother Chops Production.
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