Tyco Piicklemania Express Ad Spoof

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Tyco Piicklemania Express Ad Spoof


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Having divided my attention between North American HO and British OO,
I finally made good on my promise to sharply downsize my North American
stuff to better focus time and resources upon my first love, British OO.
Tyco was an American brand, that got its start when the owners migrated
from the UK and opened shop in New Jersey in about 1927. For about the
next 70 years they flooded American markets with cheap rolling stock and
structures, in such abundance, that purveyors are practically giving the stuff
away, which led to my distraction, and nostalgia. Never the less, I took a
deep breath and dispensed with the bulk of it in three auctions, and to my
surprise left me with a tidy little windfall. And of course, I will waste it all
on British OO.

During the '70's, before the computer game craze, Tyco did run a variety
of television advertisements, including a famous one where the locomotive
chuffs merrily past the camera, with the front drivers derailed. They didn't
catch that in the editing process.

Anyways, I did a spoof on their advertisements. Part of my inspiration was the
Monty Python skit, of the same era, of "Buy Every Record Ever Made."
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