Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond"

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Mr Bones
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Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond"


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Having been well and truly spoilt for my birthday, I'm thinking of treating myself. I don't know much about Accurascale so wondered if anyone on here had any experience of them or their products.

I wouldn't normally spend this much, but as I say it's a treat. I'm looking at the Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond" with sound. I appreciate that this isn't out yet so it's hard to comment on this particular model.

Worth a punt or go with something cheaper and put a TTS in it?
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Hound Dog
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Re: Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond"


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Go for it...……...I have a Green 37 with Sound on back order from Accurascale and also one of their BR Blue Deltics with Sound...….I have only seen their wagons so far but the quality and attention to detail is right up there, and from feedback I have seen from them on other forums etc, they seem entirely committed to raising the bar and producing a whole different level of RTR model...……..I am expecting something on par with my Sutton Class 24, which is a piece of art and possibly a little too precious to run on my layout - LOL

I also have a Vitrains Class 37 which I fitted with TTS sound and it is perfectly acceptable, but we all deserve to treat ourselves now and again - "there's no pockets on a shroud", as they say...…..

PS - The only issue is when they are actually going to arrive as I think the Class 37 was originally scheduled Nov 20, but I can imagine like everything currently with China there is likely to be an impact from the Corona virus.
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