Proses track spacing gauge

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Re: Proses track spacing gauge


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Mountain Goat wrote: Tue Dec 15, 2020 10:40 pm Only just noticed your reply.
Yes. I was taught these terms when I worked on the railways. I would say that sectional track spacing looks perfect for the railway line spacing in these parts.
By that I assume you mean the wider gauge track beds of some of the GWR? Sectional track is by no means the standard railway gauge for non GWR wide track areas. In fact for most UK track its almost over 2/3rds the spacing of the correct spec. But if it looks correct then by all means use it. :D
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Re: Proses track spacing gauge


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I always thought that that station in the link would make such a lovely station to model due to the bridges hiding trains going through a backscene and the rows of shops that run parallel just across the road. I wanted to do this as a kid, but I underestimated scale length compared to my bedroom length so it would not fit as I only had a max. of 10ft to play with.
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