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KYTES Lights


Post by bulleidboy »

I have just received the following email from Joe Kyte of Kytes Lights.

To all our Customers.
Sadly we have been hit by severe flooding; this has left us in a non operational situation and forces a temporary closure.
This could last up to 12 weeks.
As soon as we can operate again we send out anther email.

Hopefully this will not cause too much inconvenience to you all.

Joe Kyte
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Re: KYTES Lights


Post by Brian »

Oh dear, they must have had some really heavy rain?

Hopefully they can recover ASAP and stock isn't damaged and lost.
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Re: KYTES Lights


Post by Walkingthedog »

Not so much the stock it’s the power supply being flooded. Hope they are up and running ASAP.
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Re: KYTES Lights


Post by RogerB »

There is a photo link to local newspaper on RMWeb. Looks like some premises affected by several feet of water. R-
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