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Post by airfix27ra »

Hi, I have just joined. I have a N Gauge layout, basically modern image with a preserved section.
I am not an expert modeler by any stretch of imagination. the vast majority of my layout is RTR.
Well that's that.
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Re: Hello


Post by RogerB »

Hi Airfix - welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing more from you in due course. R-
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Re: Hello


Post by glencairn »

Welcome on board, airfix27ra.

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Re: Hello


Post by Walkingthedog »

Welcome, great forum.
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Re: Hello


Post by bulleidboy »

Welcome - You have joined a great forum.
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Re: Hello


Post by Mr Bones »

Welcome to the forum, Friendly helpful bunch on here. Enjoy :D
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Re: Hello


Post by IanS »

Welcome to the forum. As already said, a friendly helpful and knowledgeable bunch of mainly fellas.

Ask a modelling/railway related question, no matter how obscure then someone here will either know the answer or delve into their stocks of literature and provide the answer!

Photos of layouts, as they develop or during running sessions with a storyline are always welcome, especially now during lockdown.

Look out for posts by Glencairn with his atmospheric photos and the videos from chops featuring …. well look out for them and you shall see :)
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Re: Hello


Post by Mountain Goat »

Enjoying freelance modelling in 7mm narrow gauge Feel free to ask questions relating to the Mountain Goats Waggon & Carriage Works thread.
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Re: Hello


Post by Brian »

Welcome to the forum.
We look forward to reading more from you as your layout grows or you need help and advice.
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