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…or should I say 'Ow doo?' Originally from Lancashire, took my early retirement from the NHS 2 years since, now I live in Central France. Result, a 25ft by 50 foot attic which Madame DeGaulle says I can have half of! So, during lockdown I was sifting through yet more boxes to allay yet more boredom and came upon my old Wrenn Southern 1127 0-6-0, which has miraculously survived 40 years of storage, two divorces and several house moves. Within seconds I knew what the new hobby was going to be! So, I have - since last week - ordered a schools class 4-4-0, a King Arthur class 4-6-0 and a little Hornby 0-4-0 for shunting and light goods. Dont know how much the last model owes to any realistic original, but its a nice little thing all done up in Southern livery and all. Why Southern when I am a Northerner? I just like the Southern locos and livery and often the scenery and stations are prettier.

I know very little about railway practice - where to put signals etc, so I will be using an existing track plan of a real Southern station, the intent being to be as non - fictional as possible. Not that this matters, but I like a challenge!

My intent is to fully scratch build as much as I can! Baseboards are up,and I have a nice 20 x 25 layout to build. Cant wait!

Other hobbies include Rockabilly ( Got 2 double basses and 3 very nice Gretsches) and astronomy (binoculars only, but still fun)! Anyway I'm waffling now so see you soon.
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Welcome to the forum, friendly helpful bunch on here so any questions you may have just ask away. Sounds like a great space you have for a layout, should be fun. Look forward to seeing it grow. Enjoy...
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General DG. Hi, also from lancashire, and also live in france. will send you pm. john
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Welcome, you won’t regret joining the forum, loads of knowledge and plenty of help to spend your money.
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Hello and welcome. I aim to scratch or kitbuild everything (In 7mm narrow gauge there are not many ready made items but the scale is easy to build in and the kits I buy (When I buy kits) are easy to build).
It is soo satisfying to scratchbuild, and once you have learned what is likely to work and what doesn't, it is easier to make things. Learning this is about learning ones own limits so it may vary from person to person, but if I can do it, others should be able as there's a lot more tallented modellers then I am out there. I am more of a "Mr Average" who prefers to use "That'll do" methods in my construction. Not a lot is perfectly square or true, but it works and all comes together in the end somehow!
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Hi General DG
Welcome to the forum.
We are always happy to provide help and advice and equally pleased to see pictures and read about your railway too.
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Hi General DG. Welcome on board.

You say Madame DG says you can have half of the attic? Make sure it is the middle bit, ( then extend out little by little). :)

Not sure about your comments about the scenery and stations are prettier 'down south'. :lol: Some on here might agree with you though. :mrgreen:

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Bienvenue sur le forum. Je suis sûr que vous maîtrisez la langue française, alors j'ai décidé de vous accueillir en français!

C'est un forum fantastique et très convivial.

and to save everyone who can't read French the trouble of a translation tool:

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you've got a good command of the French language so decided to welcome you in French!

It is a fantastic forum and very friendly.
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Welcome General DG - you have joined a great forum - friendly and lots of help and information. BB
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Hi General and welcome to our forum
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