62 yr old novice

Just joined, say 'Hello' in here
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62 yr old novice


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Hi. I'm a retired teacher of 32 years and retired IT consultant of 6 years and am building my very first model railway in a converted 12ft by 6ft shed in the garden. I find that I am bored in the winter and having been involved in IT and Electronics, plus a love of modelling, attempting a model railway will give me hopefully years of occupation of the brain, as well as get me out of the house and from under her indoors' feet for a few hours a day! (Yes I have her permission).
I have also started a YouTube channel which records my progress, and named the whole thing Lyng and District Model Railway but as yet have not even laid one piece of track! Happy to accept all constructive advice, and hopefully get some answers to issues I am coming across already. I intend to lay down N gauge scale track as this would give me more room to add extras in, and it will be a round and round track with some branch lines. If you wish to see what I'v done so far, please check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWSmzD ... MtkEl2l0zw
Thanks in advance for any help given,

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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome Steve, lots of knowledge on here and some humour which always helps. Look forward to seeing your progress.
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome to the forum Steve. Friendly helpful bunch on here. Will be watching your progress (hope it's quicker than mine ;) ).
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome to the friendly forum. Be careful with railway modelling - it’s addictive!
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Hi Steve and welcome to our forum.
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome Steve, I’m sure you will get answers to all your questions posed in your first video. Post them in the various boards within the forum to get yourself on the right track! :)

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Re: 62 yr old novice


Post by Brian »

Welcome to the forum Steve.

Do keep us updated on your layout build project :D
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Re: 62 yr old novice


Post by IanS »

Welcome from a former IT teacher too. As already stated, lot's of help from this friendly forum. If you don't know the answer and can't find it using the search then it's not a silly question, it's a one that will be answered by the knowledgeable crowd on here.

Enjoy your shed time!
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome. I like the colour of your shed. I can see why you are considering N gauge as it will fit nicely in there.
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Re: 62 yr old novice


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Welcome on board, Steve.

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