Hi from West Yorkshire

Just joined, say 'Hello' in here
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Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Martin »

Hi all my name is Martin I would like to thank you for allowing me to become a member of MRF.
Little about me:
I'm a 62 year old, i love to model in 4mm (00 gauge) scale been collecting items over the past 55 years.
My loco collection as of today stands at 110 locos.
Which are around 95% dcc and 55% of them have sound fitted.
The other 5% are dc.
Also i have converted a few static model trams to dcc.
During the past 18 months (lockdown) i built from a 3D casting of the iconic LMR 57 Lion 1838,
which was my first ever 3D model attempt, It's also been dcc fitted and running.
Just need to added name plates, sorry about the paint job not my strong point..
I do love the steam era's but i do have diesel electrics etc in my collection,
For the past 4 years i have been collecting Era1 locos i have a few now but love early steam..
I also post to YouTube videos but at this time I have been moving over to VIMEO under the name Mart S.
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by bulleidboy »

Hi Martin - Welcome to the forum. It's a great place, with lots of help, information and fun.
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by IanS »

Welcome - this is a friendly forum always willing to help. Painting isn't one of my strong points (I don't have many) but there are a few on here who could give you a few extra pointers. What you've done looks great to me!
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Brian »

Hi Martin
A warm welcome to you

Lovely 3D printed model you have there.

Please keep us updated with any other projects you undertake
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Bandit Mick »

Welcome to the friendly helpful forum. Lots of progress pictures are always appreciated.
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Mr Bones »

Welcome to the forum Martin. Friendly helpful bunch on here. Enjoy...
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by sandy »

Hello ...Nice to see interest in the early years of railways.
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Mountain Goat »

Welcome to Model Railway Forum.

That does look good. I like to make things but I have not tried 3D printing as apart from using a tablet to go on these sites, I tend to stay away from computers and prefer the more hands on manual approach, though I imagine that 3D printing gets very manual when one puts the bits together and paints them.

Painting... Urmm. I can best describe my painting and my models as "Characterful". I brush paint. I discovered that by changing scale to model in 7mm narrow gauge where I build it all myself, it means that I also need to paint everything. Now something surprized me in that my efforts didn't look bad, yet when I made something in 00 and painted it, it really stood out as looking ammaturish.
I realized that when painting everything myself in 7mm narrow gauge, I had consistency, where as when I was modelling in 00 the consistency was all over the place.

Some modellers on here and elsewhere are so good at painting they even make todays finescale models look bad, but for me, I am just happy to brushpaint in the colour or colours I desire. (Freelance modelling gives me the freedom to pick and choose which colour I want to use which is very liberating!)

Now I do like your 3D loco. How did you make the chassis?
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by teedoubleudee »

Hi Martin and welcome to our forum.
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Re: Hi from West Yorkshire


Post by Kevin »

Hi Martin welcome to the forum, pleased to have you aboard. :D
Kevin 8-)
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