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Freight Train Marshalling WR 1960-62

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:00 pm
by Tallpaul70
Hi All,

Does anyone know of an equivalent resource for Freight traffic or engine workings to Robert Carroll's brilliant Coach working documents, apart from the likes of Didcot Railway Museum, NRM,or National Records Kew etc.?
I am looking to enhance my information on Freight and Engine workings between Slough and Reading in the period 1960-62.

I have Freight WTTS for winter 1954 and Summer 1961 and partial Engine workings for Southall and OOC but still would like more detail.
In particular I need Freight Train Marshalling booklets, which I have not yet found any.

Please PM me if you have anything you are willing to sell or photocopy (I will pay reasonable costs and postage)
Some books do come up on Ebay, but are expensive!

Many thanks