Source of trees

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Source of trees


Post by DavidEnghauser »

In addition to making them myself, what are good sources of trees, less expensive the better? Thanks
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Re: Source of trees


Post by Hound Dog »

I use Gaugemaster Seafoam (GM195) trees which I spray with a mounting adhesive and then sprinkle a mix of Gaugemaster leaves ( Light green GM 156, Medium Green GM157 and Dark Green GM158)........ no other hidden magic than that and I have done a few now and they have all turned out nicely ( check out my Montgreenan posts for pictures)....... By supergluing two or more trunks together you can easily get a more mature and substantial tree.

Hope this helps but these are definitely better than other pre-made trees I have seen from volume suppliers
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Re: Source of trees


Post by bulleidboy »

A number of YouTube videos on "tree making", using as HD does, Gaugemaster Seafoam. I have a box stashed away and will get round to it soon. I even bought some "seafoam" seeds (Teloxys aristata) intending to grow my own, but never got round to planting them - I even bought a propagator and seed compost. Check HD's layout - his trees are very realistic.
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Re: Source of trees


Post by Puddles »

Very crudely dumped some foilage onto a hydrangea spent flower bloom from last years display, l think with a little more care and gluing some extra branches on it will look ok.I Saw the idea from Bandit Micks layout and thought I would have a go.

Old blooms from last year

Quick lash up needing more refinement.
It does not take me long to do five minutes work.
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