Self Disassembling Buildings

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Re: Self Disassembling Buildings


Post by Brian »

Steve M wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:43 pm I tried those bottles, found them to be worse than useless. I stick with (pun intended) Roket glue applied with a cocktail stick on small parts.
If you use PVA woodworking adhesive then simply washing out under warm running water clears the nozzles easily. But other makes of glue may well be different.
Roket card glue is supreme in the card glue stakes though!
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Re: Self Disassembling Buildings


Post by Chuffchuff »

UHU Solvent Free glue is useful for some jobs and if used in Metcalf glue bottles or any bottle with a small nozzle, The bottles can be easily washed in water and washing up liquid.

The UHU Solvent Free is not stringy.

My first attempts to clear the nozzle with IPA were hit and miss, but a good flush of water and washing up liquid worked a treat.

The Metcalf bottles can be difficult to use if the glue is stiff, I water down my PVA slightly, too much and you end up with a water pistol.

Having found that the UHU glue seems to be water soluble and also prone to gumming up, I might try watering it down a bit to see if the flow / glue rate improves.

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