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Re: Curved wall


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Cut up strips of cardboard from cereal packets at the height you want then glue strips together to your desired thickness and length of wall required, gently bend to the curve you want and glue in place using props to hold the curve while the glue sets. Cover each side with brick paper then add coping stones made from card and painted with concrete colour, slightly angle each stone to fit around the top of the curved wall. It will take a little time and patience but it works.
If you have any peco flexitrack and the space you can pin down the track at the radius you want for the wall and use it as a former wrapping the wall around the edge of the sleepers which will help keep the shape when gluing. Remove the track when the wall is fixed in place. Make sure you don’t glue the wall to the track.

It does not take me long to do five minutes work.
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Re: Curved wall


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Thanks Puddles that sounds just the trick, I've been looking at this for months now and I suspect I've started to over think it, getting to a point were I can't see the wood for the trees. I'll try and give it a go over the Christmas holidays and let you know how I get on. I'll also tidy up a bit and take a few photos and post them.

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