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Nine Elms
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Track painting


Post by Nine Elms »

I have it the back of my mind that a member of this Forum had suggested a particular colour of spray paint from Halfords that they had used to paint the track. I can't seem to find the reference can anyone help please?

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Steve M
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Re: Track painting


Post by Steve M »

John, can’t think of a suitable Halfords paint to use as they are all gloss apart from their primers. But I spray my track with Humbrol no 29, dark earth prior to ballasting.
After ballasting it can be weathered with powders or dry brushed with other dirty shades.
Don’t forget to mask the contact areas of points and to clean the rail tops afterwards.
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Re: Track painting


Post by Walkingthedog »

I hand paint mine with Phoenix Paints rusty rails.
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Re: Track painting


Post by sandy »

I would not recommend using car type spray cans as they do put out a large spray pattern and not very controllable . I would think you would get paint all over the place and the over spray would be massive. I painted to loco bodies with Halfords spray cans but I did it in the shed.
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Re: Track painting


Post by footplate »

Hi I have paint my tracks also. I use a mix of orange, rust and dark earth for the rails and ties. The sleepers I use a paint called sleeper grime.
I then dry brush the sleepers with a touch of white to emulate the old weathered sleeper affect.
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