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Paint for platforms



Hi, just created a number of platforms using PECO/WILLS and KESTREL (GAUGEMASTER) kits.
The latter one is dark grey so purchased some Humbrol matt light grey paint (no 64) but it has come out
glossy! Did I do something wrong?

Can anyone advise which are the best paints for painting platforms.
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Re: Paint for platforms


Post by Walkingthedog »

Did you stir it for ages?
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Re: Paint for platforms


Post by Steve M »

Walkingthedog wrote: Tue May 19, 2020 2:55 pm Did you stir it for ages?
And then for an extra five minutes?

Admittedly I made my platforms from MDF rather than a plastic kit, but I sprayed mine with this textured paint from RustOleum as it’s a good substitute for a tarmac surface - it also takes weathering powders quite well to tone it down. ... int-400ml/

Image20181202_144435 by Steve Mumford, on Flickr
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Re: Paint for platforms


Post by bulleidboy »

I bought some tarmac coloured textured paint from Green Scene at the Southampton show - I've not tried it yet. Originally sprayed my platform with grey primer from Halfords - it looked ok, but was a bit light in colour, so did it again using Railmatch Roof Dirt. A finely textured surface it probably better - painted sandpaper??
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Re: Paint for platforms


Post by IanAlan »

I'm currently repainting some plastic figures that came out glossy despite being matt enamel. I think the comments about stirring are good.

Remember also that you can mix enamel paints to get a variety of colours and effects (illusions of texture). For example, blending wet into wet or using an almost dry brush to create a speckled look. Blue and brown can be mixed with white to give a range of shades and types of grey.

I hope that is useful, Ian Alan
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