zimo mx644d

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zimo mx644d


Post by Zeno »

Looking to find a zimo mx644d decoder with a terrier sound on to it
Or just a a decoder and I’ll go add the sound to it

If you have one please do contact me
Thank you :D
A little dingy , but I’ll get there :lol:
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Re: zimo mx644d


Post by Itch45 »

Have a look here

Hound Dog
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Re: zimo mx644d


Post by Hound Dog »

I have bought a number of Diesel sound decoders in recent months from Digitrains, Road and Rails, DC Kits and Youchoos, and whilst I have been generally happy with all, I have to say that Youchoos have by far the best overall package re decoder, speaker, stay-alive ( a small one is usually supplied free and pre-wired), and best of all detailed instructions and CV information.

Whilst some of the sound files from the other suppliers are exceptional and the general service and delivery is good, the operating instructions are limited, sometimes only downloadable or on two occasions missing ( obtained after contacting the supplier, but @ £100+ for each decoder, I think it is reasonable to be supplied the relevant documentation) .........Youchoos on the other hand personalise your package and provide very detailed information right down to the values of every function / CV code etc.

I will still continue to use a variety of suppliers for specific and different sound projects ( especially where I have two or more versions of the same loco), but I have just today taken delivery of a further sound decoder from Youchoos and it won't be the last.........finally I have no connection with Youchoos, other than that of a very satisfied customer.

Cheers - Richard.
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Re: zimo mx644d


Post by dtb »

I purchased a Class 47 sound decoder from Coastal DCC, it was dreadful!
It was way too quiet and very limited sound options, unable to increase volume in the settings either which would have been a benefit initially.
Coastal did not have the courtesy to respond to my questions of help either.

Had to send it to SWD for a reblow.
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